• Sprachkurse im Grünen

  • Juli bis September 2019 | 18:30 Uhr "English for Garden Lovers – Gardening in English"

    Eine Sprache lernen oder auffrischen, kann richtig Spaß machen. Vor allem wenn dies in einem zauberhaften Garten geschieht. Es erwartet Sie eine kurzweilige Kombi aus Sprach- und Gartenkurs. Suchen Sie Ihre grünen Lieblingsthemen aus und verbessern Sie Ihr Englisch ganz praktisch und naturnah. Ihr Englisch ist etwas angestaubt? Keine Bange, Sie sind in diesen Kursen bestens aufgehoben. Sie haben Fragen zum Kurs? Rufen Sie uns einfach an.

    Have a good time improving your Gardening English in a pleasant garden. It is going to be an allround experience for all learners. You will improve your English language skills and at the same time use it in practice.

    Time on course days from 18:30 to 20:00 hrs
    Limited number of eight participants
    Coaching by Angelika Grigor (English language teacher) and Simone Angst-Muth (gardener)
    Course fees are € 35 per course
    Our special offer for 3 courses out of 5 is € 96

    Please, register by 4 July 2019 for the first course or for the set of three. By phone or e-mail.

    Choose your favourites from various different subjects:
  • Seasonal pruning of perennials
    18.07.2019  18.30 – 20 Uhr
    In case it is raining: 25.07.2019
    When to prune, how to prune, where to prune?
    Amateur gardeners fear this most. But pruning can produce spectacular results for plants.
  • How to attract and help insects in a garden
    31.07.2019  18.30 – 20 Uhr
    In case it is raining: 07.08.2019
    Insects can be a key biological control for a healthy garden. Attracting them and making them want to stay is the trick. How to attract them will be learnt and experienced live in this beautiful garden. Let’s create together an insect hotel.
  • Making a garden more drought resistant
    14.08.2019  18.30 – 20 Uhr
    In case it is raining: 21.08.2019
    What are the best options for gardens, budgets and way you like to work? Which are the plants the resist to dry periods?
  • Planning the planting of an autumnal garden or balcony
    28.08.2019  18.30 – 20 Uhr
    In case it is raining: 4.09.2019
    Do you like to learn how to make autumnal garden or balcony blossom? Find the right place (sun or shadow) and learn which of your favourite plants grow perfectly.
  • Harvesting fruit
    11.09.2019   18.30 – 20 Uhr
    In case it is raining: 18.09.2019
    Picking an apple from a tree and crunching it makes you forget all your work. Let us harvest and enjoy fruit together.